Little Proteus Power Feeder

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Little Proteus power feeder

Little Proteus Power Feeder

Lightweight, Versatile, Inexpensive

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The Little Proteus power feeder is a revolutionary new device that will allow many woodworkers to use a power feeder for tasks they never considered  a power feeder for.  See review from Fine Woodworking Magazine here. Use on table saws, router tables and band saws, including machines on which the smallest commercial power feeder is too big and heavy to mount .

Purchase  assembled feeders and kits: (from $116) here. Plan-only, instant download ($20) here.

The Little  Proteus  is  easy and fast to mount and dismount, so it can be worth setting up for just a few cuts, for safety or better results.

The feeder uses a brushless motor cordless drill as a power source,   plywood gear speed reduction, and three polyurethane feed rollers, providing wide variable speed and ample power.

Here's a short video of the feeder in action, feeding 7.5" wide cherry for resaw in a band saw, and ripping 8' hardwood on a jobsite table saw. A whole bunch of videos: here.