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About  the "Little Pro"

The Little Proteus Power Feeder is the most versatile, user friendly, and affordable power feeder in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:This power feeder is powered by a drill?!?
Yes! But it has to be a brushless motor drill. Brushless motor drills are lighter, more efficient, generate less heat, and last longer than their predecessors. They use microprocessors to operate. And they have an unheralded super power: high torque at low speed. This makes them a perfect power source for a power feeder.

Q: Isn't this power feeder more expensive than some others when you add in the cost of the drill?
If you're interested in a power feeder then you're a serious enough woodworker that you should own a brushless motor drill. Maybe you do already. They're more powerful, have better battery life, and are just a bit more expensive than the now outdated brushed motor cordless drills. You'll love it. So the drill doesn't really add any cost at all. But even if you bought a drill just for the feeder, raising the cost a little higher than "that other small power feeder" the Little Pro' does jobs that no other power feeder can do, so cost comparisons don't really make sense.

Q: How long will the feeder work per battery charge?
A: Hours. The feeder uses only the drill's slowest few speeds, and so it only calls for the minimal power it needs.
All the name brand drills use lithium-ion batteries.

Q: And how many charges or years per battery?
A: About  1000 charge cycles, or three years. More on battery care.

Q: How long does it take to put the drill on and off?
A: About the same amount of time it takes to insert a bit, - a few seconds. There's no need to devote a drill to your power feeder, unless you use it all the time!

Q: What happens if the drill runs out of juice in the middle of feeding a board?
Brushless motor drills have electronic brakes that continue to operate when the battery shuts the drill off from running out of charge. The brake keeps the feeder rollers from turning backwards. The stock stays in place while you turn your machine off. Better yet, most brushless drills have power meters that can show you when the battery is low. If you use it a lot, you should keep a spare, and replace the battery when you see it's low.

Q: How long does it take to move from one  machine to another?
To install on any machine and then remove takes about 90 seconds (60 to install, 30 to remove). To remove from a table saw or router table, and then install on a band saw takes about 2 minutes.

Q: What if my table saw fence doesn't have a T-track on it?
It's pretty easy to put one on most fences. I provide detailed instructions for hardware, and how to mount a t-track on your fence. You might find the T-track useful for other jigs and hold-downs, though once you own a Little Proteus, you won't need other jigs and hold downs very often. It's also possible to make an auxiliary fence to hold the feeder that clamps to your fence, but that's a bit less convenient than T-track directly attached to your fence.

Q: Will it cause my Biesemeyer or Sawstop fence to lift?
A: It might, but that might be OK, depending on how heavy the work you're feeding is. I provide instructions for how to deal with it if it's a problem (the easiest way is to add a clamp in back). There's an elegant solution, that once it's applied, keeps the back of the fence from lifting with no inconvenience.

Q: Is there an alternative to fence mounting on the table saw?
A: Yes, you can build a different style holder that mounts in the miter gauge slot. It restricts stock width though.

Q: Does this really do the job of a thousand dollar band saw feeder for resawing (that won't fit on my saw even if I was willing to pay that much)?
A: Yes. It's crazy.

Q: Will the plywood gears wear out?
A: I don't think so. If they wear out within five years I'll replace them free. Compared to the plastic gears similar machines use, the plywood gears are huge.

Q: What if my rollers wear out or get damaged?
A: They'll last a long time, but if they need replacement they're standard skateboard wheels, inexpensive, and widely available, including from me.
Q: I have Jessem or Board Buddy guides. Can I use them with the Little Proteus?
A: Yes, they work very well together, and the Little Proteus can mount on the same track they use at the same time. It's a deluxe installation, and eliminates the need for awkward push stick use.

Q: How will I get replacement parts once Al Ladd stops making them?
A: Everything but the steel shafts on the Little Pro' is either off the shelf or can be made of wood from dxf files, and I make these files readily available. I designed the feeder to be built from a plan by a skilled woodworker.

Q: How can this work with such light weight materials?
A: Physics. The pivot points are close together, and so the forces are much smaller than those placed on commercial feeders. Delta used to make a power feeder called the Unifeeder that had a similar form.



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