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About  the "Little Pro"

The Little Proteus Power Feeder is the most versatile, user friendly, and affordable power feeder in the world.

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Little Proteus Details

reswing on a band sawBrushless motor drills are the power source for the Little Proteus power feeder, allowing a wide range of variable speed feed speeds.The Little Pro can be mounted on a table saw fence, best accomplished via a T track, on a router table, with either a T track or two bolts mounted in the fence, and on a band saw, by a simple plywood holder as seen here in photo. On a band saw, with the feeder in horizontal position, two feed rollers put pressure at top and bottom of a 6.5" wide board. Travel within the elevation mechanism is about 3", and the crank moves the wheels 1/16" per revolution. Some drills allow feed speed as slow as 2 FPM for resawing, and the feeder will fit on even small table band saws. The feeder can typically be mounted in about a minute for any application. It weighs about 16 pounds including a drill.



               Brushless Motor Drills   

Any 18 or more  volt  1/2" chuck brushless motor drill will work as the power source for the Little Proteus power feeder.
Brushed motor  cordless drills and corded drills have little torque at low speed, and so won’t work as a power source for this power feeder.

For certain jobs  some  drills are better than others. They’re all a bit different, with several traits varying that effect its use as a power source for the feeder.

In general, the best drill will be the one you already own, but if the feeder's intended purpose will be resawing thick wood, some will be much better than others. Since these qualities aren't mentioned in manufacturers specs, the best thing is to try them in person, or see this table. The most important variable is the slowest RPM's the chuck will turn on its slow speed range. This varies from about 15 to about 50 RPM's. The slower the better for resawing thick wood on a band saw.

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