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About the Kits

The Little Proteus Power Feeder is available only as a kit. Purchase the kit appropriate for you skill level, and available time.

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        Little Proteus Power Feeder

"I’m a big fan of little power feeders. They can turn a router table into a small shaper, take the tedium out of ripping stock on the tablesaw, and allow a bandsaw to resaw without all the irregularities of feeding by hand. They also provide a big safety margin. The Little Proteus delivers all this and works excellently."  From review from January 2021 Fine Woodworking Magazine.

The Little Proteus power feeder is a revolutionary new device that will allow many woodworkers to use a power feeder for many tasks. Use on table saws, router tables and band saws, including machines on which the smallest commercial power feeder is too big and heavy to mount. It can be set up in under a minute.

The feeder is available in kit form in varying levels of completeness to suit your skills and needs. All levels are parts only, with much assembly required. Detailed instructions (50 page PDF!-see sample page) included, both to assemble and use the feeder. No special tools (except at $116 level) are necessary.  Purchase via Paypal below.
Instructions are sent by email, and you should receive them within a day of purchase. Kits should go out within 1-3 days,

See this video for more details on kit levels, this video for 3 minute demo.

Purchase plan-only, instant download ($20) here. Plan price may be credited towards later kit purchase.

Kit Levels

1) for those with their own CNC routers who can cut their own plywood gears and bearing plates. You'll also need a drill press and table saw. $116.00 Buy (purchase via Etsy)
2) includes the gears and bearing plates, so only ordinary woodworking equipment ( drill press and table saw) is required to build the feeder. $144.00
3) includes  hardwood parts that control  elevation. You'll need a drill press and table saw to complete.  $219
4) includes the parts for the plywood holders, both for table saw/router, and for band saw.  Also at this level, the  roller and drive shafts come pre-assembled, and knobs for attaching feeder are included (rather than merely hardware to make them). $274.00

Which Kit?
All kit levels are parts only, with much assembly required. Shipping will be USPS in flat rate box,  included in price to USA. For other locations, contact me and I'll prepare a custom Etsy listing for you.

Little Proteus and all power feeder advantages:
• Safety -keeps hands away from cutters and blades.
• Speed –allows constant feed at optimal speed.
• No burn marks from interruptions in feed.
• Reduced physical work load as feeder does grunt work of holding work down to table, against fence and propelling it forward.

• Use on: table saw for ripping, grooving and rabbetting.
• Router table, including the ability to climb-feed on light cuts for reduced tear-out.
• Band saw, for resawing thick hardwood. Hold-in power top and bottom of 6.5” wide board.
• Shaper, for light-duty work only.

Little Proteus vs. other power feeders:
• Super light weight, (about 16 pounds, including drill) allows mounting on small router tables, small band saws, even job-site table saws
• Quickly mount and dismount, and move to new tool – less than two minutes set up time.
• Fence mounting eliminates feeder base interference and deflection from feeder force.
• No need to plug it in! (Runs off battery powered brushless motor drill)
• Inexpensive. Kits starting at $116 delivered. Plans $20.
• Feed speeds, as slow as 2-3 FPM with certain drills. This is required for heavy resawing on small band saws --very few other feeders capable of speeds below 6.5 fpm.
• For resawing, hold-in power top and bottom of 6.5” wide board. Only dedicated band saw feeders come close.
• 2” wide feed rollers matches those found only on 100 pound+, $900+ machines.
• American-made (the only one!) and designed by Massachusetts woodworker with 35 years production woodworking experience.
• Can be used without drill attached as spring hold-down for manual feed